The Nation Board works to continually better the nation. It consists of the president, a secretary, two board members, and four board members with special commendations. The four special commendations of the board are education, budget, inquiries and elections. A big part of the board’s work consists of thorough inquiries and long-sighted projects for the betterment of the nation. Current examples are inquiries into membership benefits and a new sound system.

Since October 2019, members of the nation have the possibility of proposing new offices for the coming semester. This is decided on the October and November meetings. The proposal is to be sent in a week in advance. The board meeting protocols are available to all members at the first curator’s office. If you have further questions; please contact 1Q or the Nation Board, via

Board meetings VT23

18 January
22 February
22 March
20 April
17 May
7 June