As a member of Östgöta Nation you will have access to two different types of scholarships. One category is a couple of small grants administered by the nation and chosen at the Landskap. The second larger group is administrated by the Uppsala University Scholarship Office and is awarded by the nation’s scholarship committee. Each year Östgöta Nations scholarship board out approximately two million (!) SEK in scholarships, so stay tuned for the next application period!

For questions about our scholarships, you can email the secretary of the scholarship board at


Scholarship Grant spring semester 2024

Östgöta nation announces the following scholarships and prizes for the spring semester 2024. More of the Nation’s scholarships can be applied for through the University’s Scholarship Office

The application form can be found here.


1 Hjalmar Lundbergs romanska stipendium á 3 500 SEK 

Length: 1 “To a student at Östgöta nation who is studying one of the Romance languages. Awarded in the spring semester by suggestion from the professor in the subject.” 


1 Hjalmar Lundberg’s literature history scholarship á 3 500 SEK 

Length: 1 year 

“To a student at Östgöta nation who is studying literature history. Awarded in the spring semester by suggestion from the professor in the subject.” 


1 Hammarsten’s scholarship á 5 000 SEK

Length: can be hold up to 3 years, with 1 year prolonging 

“To a penniless diligent student of Östgöta nation, partly to medicine stud., partly to stud. of any faculty.”


1 Wirén’s scholarship á 3 000 SEK 

Length: 1-4 years 

“To a promising student of Östgöta nation with preference for those who have successfully conducted zoological studies for a year. Awarded for one year at a time; Can be awarded for three years for special studies in zoology. No one may hold the scholarship for more than four years” 


1 Sempler Wahlquist och Sylvan’s prize á 3 500 SEK 

The premium is unofficially established and thus lacks statutes 

“To student at Östgöta nation that has earned it and is deserving of the prize.” 



applications should be handed to the First Qurator at his office, or e-mailed to thescholarship board at Last application day is 19th February at 1.00 pm. The scholarships will be assigned at the first Landskap of the spring semester 7th of March. 

Pua Landberg 

Secretary of the Scholarships