Lunch and fika all in one!

During 2019 we decided to change the name of our café from Mjölkbaren to Hattstugan as an hommage to our First kurator emeritus and honorary member Hans “Hatte” Furuhagen. The term “Hattstugan” is the personal name of choice of Hatte’s and is originally found in children’s tales of Elsa Beskow.

Hattstugan (roughly translates to “The Hat Cottage”) is probably the best way to try out the concept of the Swedish “Fika”, and the home of the waffles! 

Hattstugan is the nation’s waterhole for all of us who just can’t live without coffee! In Hattsugan you’ll find lunch, baguettes and cookies every single day, along with the notorious waffle buffet of ours. If you are member of the nation, you get several discounts! 

Hattstugan is open Tuesday – Friday 11-15