Östgöta nation
The student's second home

Welcome to Östgöta nation! We are one of 13 different student nations that are run for students by students. We strive to make the most out of your time in Uppsala, and offer you a wide variety of activities ranging from study spots in the library to pulsating dance floors. We hope that you'll make ÖG your second home, all the way from Welcome Week.

Wanna join in on all the fun? All our events can be found in our calendar


Now the summer has come to Uppsala and Östgöta nation. During the summer, the nation and its regular activities will be closed, including the first curator's office hour´s. If you need to get in touch with a curator during the summer, you need to send an email or call us, contact details can be found below.

The regular activities start again on August 27th.

From us curators, we wish all members a nice and warm summer, so we'll see you again in autumn!


Östgöta nation does not tolerate sexual harassment. If you've experienced something that you want to report or if you want to talk about something you can contact our Equality group via e-mail jamlikhet@ostgotanation.se or first curator via 1q@ostgotanation.se. We want Östgöta nation to be a place where everyone feels safe!


The nation's housing waiting list has moved to the internet! Nowadays, you can subscribe to the items you want and get notified instantly when something becomes available. Moreover, you can easily check how many housing points you have, and get in touch with 1Q if something is not included. To get started, sign in to uppsalastudent.com, if you haven't signed in to it before, click on "forgot password" to get it sent to you.


Pub: Tages Mon-Thu 18-24

Mjölkbaren Mon-Thu 12-17

Wunderbaren Fridays 18-01

Lördagsfika Saturday 11-16


Sports Association Tuesday 21-22

Librarians available Tuesday 17-18

Choir Tuesday 18:30

Board Game Association Tuesday 18-22

More clubs..


Visiting address

Östgöta nation
Trädgårdsgat. 15
753 09 Uppsala

1st kurator

Johan Levén Elfving
+46 (0)18-134311

2nd kurator

Dennis Granberg
+46 (0)18-134312

3rd kurator

Viktor Nordkvist
+46 (0)18-134313

4th kurator

Martin Palmqvist
+46 (0)18-134314

Visiting address

Östgöta nation
Trädgårdsgat. 15
753 09 Uppsala

Office hours

Mon, Wedn, Fri 11-13

Tue, Thur 16-18



Office hours

Mon, Wedn, Fri 11-13

Tue, Thur 16-18