1Q: The nation's face to the outside world. Overly social person with general responsibility for the nation's business and house. The spider in this web called ÖG.

2Q: The head of finance and manages the nation’s economy books. Pays for example the salary to you if you are working on a rental or club nights.

3Q: Responsible for drinks and food. The third  has an eye on the café, pub and club.

4Q: ÖG is the first nation with four qurators. The fourth qurator is responsible for the leasing and rental activities, our sound and other technical equipment and the renting of our parking spaces.

Expen: The curator’s office. The nation's administrative heart. Bring coffee or other bribes and make them smile instead of scream.

Gasque: Superior seating with a lot of style and entertainment. A lot of singing, snaps and fun. It usually ends with disco all night. The dress code is usually blazer or masquerade, but twice a year it is formal wear that applies for the ball.

Honorary Member: A person who has done something particularly honorable in their field and who belonged to the nation or is from Östergötland, for example Anders Borg and Louise Hoffsten. Chosen at the Landskap.

Formal wear: White tie and tail coat or prom dress, floor length. Alternatively traditional county costume. “Free and convenient”.

Inspector: The nation's highest supervisor and the university representative in the nation board and the nation's representative at the university. Shall ensure that students are reasonably well-ordered during gasques and seatings.

Jacket/Suit: Dress code for most gasques and dinners. Does mean dark suit or (at least) knee-length dress. Not to confuse with “blazer”, which is just a jacket with non matching pants and no tie.

KK Card: The gold card for the nations. With it you get 30,000 new friends. Enable the holder and a friend free entrance on all nations and makes you jump the queues. At ÖG you need to be in charge for the clubs, a middle manager or a  to get the golden card.

KK: Also called Kuratorskonventet. The nations coordinating body, which has nothing to do with personal relationships.

Landskap: The nation's highest decision-making body and of many associated with the fun that follows afterwards. During the Landskap all members will be voting for next semesters ämbetsmän, decide on key decisions and just waiting or the meal and party to begin.

PFD: Pathetic old predecessor (Patetiskt FöreDetting). Former responsible persons who does not really understand that their glory days are over. Drinking a lot of free coffee and trying to snatch sandwiches from the café. Can often be found in flocks in the restaurant.

the Punch: The enclosed veranda with high pendant factor. Popular hangout for responsible people from the nation. Slight smell of tobacco.

Recce: Or freshman. You will be called recce during your first year at the university.

Senior: Full-PFD recognized by a diploma and may also wear a slightly broader nation band.

Sexa: Informal seating. Often, as a thank you for doing something good. The most exciting dinners with music, food and drinks. Always held after Landskap and cleaning days.

Gasque: Long and fun dinner with many dishes, lots of singing and entertainment.

Städdag: Occurs on Sundays before gasques. The entire nation scrubbed, cleaned, swept, washed, mopped and furbished clean. Everyone are very welcome to participate. In the evening we mess up the house again with a sexa.

Songbook: The students little red. Not to be forgotten! Usually sent around during the dinners so thrilled brothers and sisters can write heartening messages. Many profound truths are revealed and the book provides a memory for life. Might be easily forgotten in the party riot. Look for it at the office of 1Q.

Festikvalborg: The day and night before Valborg, one of the nations finest. Big bands and a festival in our own backyard!

Valborg: Sunny, "champagne" and outdoor concert with the ÖG orchestra. Wonderful! Smells rock festival.

Visiting address

Östgöta nation
Trädgårdsgatan 15
753 09 Uppsala

1st kurator

Helen Lenander
+46 (0)18-134311

2nd kurator

Dennis Granberg
+46 (0)18-134312

3rd kurator

Alice Nordin
+46 (0)18-134313

4th kurator

Martin Palmqvist
+46 (0)18-134314

Visiting address

Östgöta nation
Trädgårdsgatan 15
753 09 Uppsala

Office hours

Mon, Wedn, Fri 11-13

Tue, Thur 16-18



Office hours

Mon, Wedn, Fri 11-13

Tue, Thur 16-18